Monday, December 15, 2008

DreddPirateBob and the Posers

Jasper with Bob

Jed with Bob

Rip with Bob

Viv with Bob

Red with Bob

Come to Wheatstone Waterways....and Pose with the DreddPirateBob....just like smoking, it makes you look cool! and see? Bob is smoking, too! so it *Must* be cool!

can't get enough Bob? Buy the glob for only $1 ....or was it FREE? Hmmm either know you want one nearby so you can cuddle up next to Bob ANYtime you get the urge! OOOooer!

all Posing with Bob welcome to be added here!

1 comment:

Ceejay Writer said...

I'm dyin' here. I HAVE to get in and get my picture taken soon!