Sunday, December 14, 2008

Prize Winners & Official Belated Thank You!

Contest Results for: The New Babbage Steampunk Snowball Fort Fight & Rum Party

1st Place!! E Bergamasco Ice Gear Tree

Icy Gorgeous Rotating Christmas Tree! Oh talented you are!

2nd Place!! Myrtil's Adorable Squirrel

Relaxing on my new Squirrel...Who Knew it Also had 4 poses!

Thank you for your talents!!!

and to all who came...WOW! i am overwhelmed!!....let me just reprint what i replied to on dear Dr. Watson's kind blog....

Oh you wonderful people of New Babbage, you're very welcome!!!..but you beat me to it, for really! is *I* who should thank you! i was nervously excited about my first event in New Babbage and apart from a bit of frantic scrambling due to ((SL weekend login borkyness)) putting up more bottles on the bars... i do think it went rather well!.....

and only a bit of a hangover...erm, deep sleep, ((RL brunch w/the parental units)) kept me from thanking you earlier! i have been so thrilled to have joined this town and each and every person who came or contributed made this the best event i've ever given in-world. i need no other Christmas gifts for that filled my metaphorical stocking to it's brimfull!

i'm keeping up the snow forts, floating ice dance floor, and the full bar for the entirety of the holiday season.......for you never know when impromptu snow fights might want to feel free to gather your friends and come on over and pelt or dance away anytime!!!

Coming in the spring: Beltane May Pole & Rum Party
with a Building Contest of Best Steampunk Crazy Over the Top 4-Season Topiary!
$10,000L in prizes!

See all 84 Pictures from the event! Please to Enjoy!

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