Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Shopping Tips & Freebies!

showing off my new FREE topiary tree to a nice neighbor....

i love shopping and freebies! i blogged back in early August sharing some SL good tips but here are some more! on the pics below for the full size version

FREE Topiary Sculpture Tree with 2 sits!
it looks very steampunk to my warped vision...i see circles and i see gears...i have always adored topiary trees...

isn't it just delish? the store looks like this!

now...let's talk hair!

FREE HAIR! (for men and women!)
Savior Hair: The Second Life Hair Journal
The blog authors have opened a storefront office that has over 35 freebies or $1 hairdo's!

FREE Haloween Dresses!!! and FREE Haloween Low Prim & Grim! from the amazingly talented artist and designer Cutea Benelli of Grim Bros (one of my FAV stores!..sad but i own EVERY victorian gown and several steampunk ones!)
Go up to the second floor....turn right and look for the pumpkin on the floor of free halloween goodiies... and then go straight back and in the left corner of the store in a box on the floor under a stone alter/table you'll see the above gown for $0L
now...turn around to your right and just under the display on the floor is a green witch gown for $0L!

the first dress includes an amazing novelty tophat...with a cemetary, a small bat emitter and a storm cloud!

as well as a regular cute small tophat...

Mountain of FREE gowns from DeFleur
mountain of free gowns and dressy suits for women and dandy men

and for taking pics of your's a bouoir Posing Chair

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