Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hot Books: the Caledon Interactive Bookcase

i was very pleased and gratified to have Mr. JJ Drinkwater of the Caledon Library give to me a very special bookcase...using scripts provided by our own ZenModo Wormser this bookcase is very interactive and actually gives out books that you can read in-world! (pray, gentle reader..click on any picture below for a Full Size version!)

click on the bookcase to get a selection of titles

keep the book that they give you as an object...the cool thing is that they are only 1 prim and they can be used as real clickable books! scatter them around your house! put them on a shelf or a table for the enjoyment of your guests! read them at your leisure!

rez the object on a shelf or a table then click on it
it will ask do you want to visit the Aetheric version of that book...choose Go to Page

from here you can read the book, in its original form...clicking from page to page!

such a wonderous resource to have! if you want to see these boockcases in action and in person borrowing copies for yourself....i have two of these bookcases in my factory, Llewellyn Industries in New Babbage and also on my ship The Queen Anne's Revenge, Wando in my Chart Room & Study. you are welcome to drop by and read to your heart's content or take the books back with you to your house!
Cheers darlings!
~Capt. Red

here are the other closeups of the books available!

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