Thursday, October 16, 2008

Burlesque Beauties: Nights at the Champagne Rooms

the Champagne Rooms really are an amusing, diverting and a stimulating place to visit or take a date....

they have a lovely show and delightful hostesses...but i must say i think it would be nice if they had British or East Coast friendly hours.....staying up late does take its toll! but what a small price to pay for such delightful diversions!

at this lovely place you can dance, have a drink, and see the show of a bevy of fine burlesque beauties showing off their ahem....graceful talents.

there's a lovely moon at the top of the stairs that makes a perfect place to perch and watch the goings on or a pretty photo spot.....

even our own evil Doctor Obolensky
took a break from his menacing machinations to enjoy a night out at the Champagne Rooms! and even our Mayor is known for being a *very* generous tipper...of course, i also tip very well....lovely girls just trying to make a living and buy extra fripperies!

his monocle popped out when the gorgeous Miss Ahnya stopped by to show off her beautiful plumage!

Miss Ceejay was looking gorgeous as ever in her Ivalde gown...

my gown is the Rebel Hope Designs - Clara Bow Blue and Teal Mix comes with the pearls, headband and boa....and yes, i have just about every colour! LOL

a great time was had by all! .....they even offered me a job there dancing! though i obviously don't need the money i was very flattered.....and i do have an extensive wardrobe of frilly lacy bits...Hmmm maybe i should just for a lark.....something to think about.


Ahnyanka said...

Ooh! You have my tush on your blog! *grins and winks* Thanks for coming by, doll. I really had fun and I hope you all did too!

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

and a gorgeous tush it is, oh gorgeous Ahnya!
thank you for!!!