Sunday, February 08, 2009

For the Love of Lingerie: For Ladies Only!

WARNING! This blog entry is for Ladies Only! As fashion and undergarments will be both mentioned and shown!! Gentlemen, please go elsewhere otherwise you might be tempted to glance at exposed limbs!

For the Love of Lingerie: For Ladies Only!
OR....Research for The Right Underpinnings

and other Fashion Musings on Fabulous Fripperies

Let me start this blog with a small poem i wrote whilst taking these pics and getting excited over a lovely pair of lacy boy shorts i commissioned from good friend and ├╝ber talented clothing designer...Miss Viv Trafalgar

Plunge and plunder!
Undies all assunder
I tighten the strings and add some things
and I'm pretty all over and under!

or as another good Babbbage lady put it:
You go to the auction, and get really scared
Just before that Red talks underwear
by Jedburgh Dagger

Whilst doing research for my upcoming appearance at the New Babbage Salon next week
(ie: playing in my closets trying on corsets, garters & stockings)
entitled Amour!...please pause for a commercial break....

(ladies, pray click for a larger image)

(ladies, pray click for a larger image)

Please ladies do try and come to the Salon as i will be speaking on the historical and social significance of the backbone of our underpinnings.... our Corsets!

As i was saying, whilst i was in my factory dressing room today trying on corsets in preparation for my talk next week....i was frustrated that SO many of my fav gowns require wearing the stooopid glitch pants to look right at the waist...then i remembered the super cool boy shorts Viv Trafalgar made me for her gorgeous Velut Steampunk Corset gown (see below with my gift of Christmas Coal from soon to be Babbage Mayor Mr. Tenk ..and yes, i'm a terrible name dropper!)

and I took the chance and asked my good friend and inspired clothing designer (Viv Trafalgar) to make for me a pair of black lacy boy shorts that i can wear under my gowns!!! And she did!! AND WOW! are they ever cute and an answer to my girlish lingerie prayers!

Pictured above another perfect combo....Grim Bros Miss Punktuality tophat (askew from all that changing!) BlackOpal Black feathers corset, Viv Trafalgar lacy boy shorts, Biaste stockings & garters and Laughing Academy Venetian Lace Boots

So...emboldened by the success of that commission i asked the also very talented Miss BlakOpal Galacia if she could make the corset she includes with her Black Feathers gown (which i own and am wearing above!) as an undershirt level so i could wear it UNDER my gowns and some other skirts i have....And she did!!!....silly of me but those kind of fripperies makes me VERY happy..and yes, i do have an RL (and SL) lingerie fetish!

Which leaves me thinking....
....if i ever could make a wish list for designers from an addicted and rich gown buying patron (Oooh! fodder for another blog, no?) it would be PLEASE, Please! design gowns that can be worn with lingerie underneath...i have a terrible fetish for garters, lacy topped stockings and such fripperies! and when a designer makes a gown that you *have* to wear long glitch pants or provide short undies or boy short glitch pants that meet the bottom of the corset or gown...

so that when a lady should descend from a carriage or airship...or sit on that odd chair that exposes ones limbs..those stodgy ugly glitch leggings can't be seen but a hint of delightful frothy fun stockings and maybe a garter strap! so much nicer! Ahhhhh! let me demonstrate for the purpose of SCIENCE!

Above is the lovely heart corset and lacy boy shorts with ivy stockings that Viv made for me!!
it would be the perfect Valentine's day gift for any Lovely Lady!

Miss Punktuality Gown by Cutea of Grim Brothers worn with Viv Trafalgar lacy boy shorts, No.9 black lace stockings and Lassitude & Ennui ankle boots

Now let's talk more about this fabulous gown and the amazing designer Miss Cutea Bennelli
(i also adore for her furniture found at Low Prim & Pretty!) When i first came to SL i was hanging out with a gorgeous gf of mine Miss June Wozniak (oh how i miss her!) and she was wearing this grungy gorgeous Victorian gown and i asked where she got it and she dragged me to the Grim Bros main store and OhMyStarts and Garters! WOW! what gorgeous closet (folder) of Grim Bros gowns is just stuffed with great gowns all priced under $400L!! (and some only $144, or $188 or $99!!) and yes, i've blogged about her before and before! and though i get nary a linden $ for these gushings i really can't say enough good things about her creativity and generosity! because she *is* one of those designers who makes glitch undies AND glitch pants AND glitch short skirts AND.....she also will include 3 diff versions of her shirts, and skirts, and also the same in all 3 layers...undershirt, shirt, and jacket you can mix and match!! AND she has so many quirky Victorian and Steampunk styles and well....though i adore a Nonna Hedges gown and they ARE super memorable and show stoppers and great to trap Evil Doctors (and she's also a doll!)...

(pray, click for larger image)
i can get 4 Grim Bros gowns for the price of one Nonna!!....and heck, even shopping addicted
rich widows like me like to save a Linden or two!

Touring the just completed Obolensky Steampunk Metal Treehouse wearing Grim Bros Red Dragon Dress and the Wretched Dollie tophat with netting....(the dress has a gorgeous black dragon embroidered on the back of the gown!) by dear Miss Cutea Benelli of Grim Bros....LOVES IT!

And yes, Ladies...the good Evil Dr. Obolensky and i are just friends.... But Red just can't help tease & torment the old coot! if only he weren't 108 years old and more inclined to go to balls and dance...Ahhh Well....i remain unrequited..Moving On!

i'm still searching for a virile talented strapping young scientist, airship pilot, artist, builder or blacksmith! Must like to dance, go on explorations, and just want fun SL companionship. Oh! maybe one will buy me next week! Ooooh! hadn't really considered *that!*


Beq said...

A young(ish) virile(ish) Doctor was recently discovered "exploring" at a ball. Perhaps he might be your cup of tea?

Galloping Gallant Gorgeous Gus *cough*

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

but Beq dear...he's taken! i don't poach on other girls preserves! i mean a dance with a friend at a ball is no big deal...but serious mitts off! y'know!??