Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcoming New People to Babbage Gone Wrong

so...i'm greening up my land today and a new guy (only 3 days born) came up to me....and being an Oxbridge Professor i figured i should step up.....but....ahhhh

[15:52] mark000 Melody: ciao or hello
[15:53] Redgrrl Llewellyn: Welcome to New Babbage and Llewellyn Industries!
[15:53] mark000 Melody: thank you
[15:53] mark000 Melody: i don't know this place
[15:53] Redgrrl Llewellyn: this is a Victorian Steampunk Sim
[15:54] Patch Reina is Online
[15:54] mark000 Melody: ooooohhhhhhh
[15:54] Redgrrl Llewellyn: the age of Victoriana not as it was but as it should have been with special homage to Jules Verne and HG Wells
[15:54] Redgrrl Llewellyn: there's a welcome kit by the station i can show you if you like [smiles warmly]
[15:54] mark000 Melody: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
[15:54] Redgrrl Llewellyn: also Caledon is another Victorian sim
[15:54] mark000 Melody: where?
[15:54] Redgrrl Llewellyn: but more pretty, less sooty or mechanical...Babbage is different but in a great way!
[15:55] Redgrrl Llewellyn: i see you're new to SL...there's also Caledon Oxbridge University for newbies like you! [grins] let me give you their LandMark...which is a teleport address to the University.
[15:55] mark000 Melody: eh yes....
[15:55] Redgrrl Llewellyn: with free classes and help! do you have any questions?
[15:56] mark000 Melody accepted your inventory offer.
[15:56] mark000 Melody: i want money and a penis
[15:56] Redgrrl Llewellyn: sighs] Oh!...ummmm....erg.....well, sorry... i can't help you with those!..good luck & goodbye

then i sat up in my tree and prayed for spring to come......


Elfod Nemeth said...

lol, oh well, at least you tried.

Rhianon Jameson said...

You must have looked rich, as you clearly didn't look like you could provide his other want.

One can only sigh.