Tuesday, April 07, 2009

May Day Country Dance & Party - Urchins (and high jinks) Will Rule!

Please join us at Llewellyn Industries (SLURL) for dancing amid the spring flowers, cavorting around the maypole (complete with silly walks), and the sipping of rum-spiked lemonade. Best of all, the esteemed Mister Wiggy Undertone is providing his carnivale games! This event will feature a dunk tank for hilarious humiliation, and a big hammer strength test to show off those muscles - play along, win a prize! Take aim at the shooting gallery, and laugh at the Punch & Judy show. You'll enjoy all this and more at our May Day Country Dance & Party!
Leading the festivities will be Miss Addie Tharnaby as our May Day Queen and Master Finley Twine as our our Robin Goodfellor & Lord of Misrule. All New Babbage urchins & citizens are urged to embrace the spirit of the day - hooliganism is encouraged! No remonstrations or recriminations will be made for any prank or high-jinks!

Early Event for our European friends.

Cash prizes will be given to the creators of the most outlandish & fanciful steampunk topiaries or garden ornaments under 25 prims

First Prize: $3000L
Second Prize: $2000L
Third Prize: $1000L

The winning builder must be willing to allow a copy of the winning topiary to be auctioned off to benefit RFL

The Shooting Gallery has been put out early so come on by, sharpen your skills, and enjoy the challenge of shooting at bunnies and ducks!
Sharp Shooting Prize: High Score of the Event - $2000L & Engraved Trophy

that's right urchins and public this event calls for bad behavior! any questions about the contests can be asked here....plus any smack talk amongst our sharp shooting citizens....

Ladies! so let's talk clothes....so, we have a few options....of course you can wear your best spring gown! but also you could wear a spring medieval gown, white gown, faerie wings, play anters, horns,

and of course a flower hair garland. the ones above can be bought for only $1 or even $0 at Uncle Wiggily's Main store - second floor - here's the SLURL to Uncle Wiggily's

i'm also trying to commission one as an event gift!!!...

this is one i had from a May Day party last year, sadly the gent doesn't come in world any longer.

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