Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Steamy Gents for Charity Calendar

The warm ladies of the New Babbage Ladies Fire Brigade announce that they have coerced, charmed, and convinced, a select group of the handsome, talented, & canny, Steampunk gentlemen of New Babbage have to donate their time and....... their flesh to raise money for two important New Babbage institutions.

photo by satori.marat
The amazing R.F. Burton Library tier fund and the New Babbage Ladies Fire Brigade station house.

These two institutions need your help to keep them running in the city of New Babbage. Time and talent have been donated by many people to have these two amazing builds in our community but the full weight of support have been shouldered by a quiet few but can now be shared by many with your generosity!

Photo by Elina Koskinen aka Mr. Holmes
And you will get a steamy calendar to gaze upon! Please consider purchasing one or both of the Men of New Babbage calendars for only $300L each - a vendor will be placed in the R. F. Burton Library and selected generous merchants throughout the city.

Miss Sera and I were treated by the talented Mr. Koskinen to a sneak peek of this herculean undertaking and bring you a teasing glimpse of the results.

We gazed around in rapt admiration of the amazing calendar creation

I also could not help but admire the handsome view
.....of the alluring backside
of the calendar pages.

Two amazing calendars....lavishly appointed and art directed by our own texture titan Mr. Tinus Koskinen...bring first 12 New Babbage gents in an amazing display of manliness, clever building prowess, and some...[gasps] shirtless!

Mr. Koskinen sent out this message to a select few Gents in New Babbage saying:
"Gentlemen of Babbage,
The fine dames of the Babbage Ladies Fire Protection Brigade have chosen you to represent the men of Babbage in a calendar celebrating our diversity. This struck me as a perfect opportunity for you gentlemen to showcase what brought you to the attention of the ladies. A chance for you to tell Babbage of your uniqueness, of your history, of what makes you a Gentleman of Babbage. I would recommend that you create a scene that showcases you in a defining action, from your current role in Babbage or something from your backstory. Example: I am working on a scene from the flash fiction story, me playing cards in a dark smokey bar, with threats obvious around me."

and now the New Babbage Ladies Fire Protection Brigade cordially invites you to attend the Fundraiser Calendar Release Party!

Please join us this Tuesday from 5pm to 7 pm slt at the R.F. Burton Library in Babbage Canals. There will be music, dancing and refreshments available, so come out and support the Brigade and our Library Fundraiser. Pray, RSVP here.

The second calendar which will feature a certain clockwinder, Mr. Tenk and a shirtless Dr. O!

A huge thanks go out to Miss Serafina Puchkina , Miss Jedburgh Dagger, Mr. Tinus Koskinen, Miss Ahnyanka Delphin, Miss Viv Trafalgar all the generous gents and many more...please forgive me if i have missed your name or contact me in high dudgeon so that i shall include you here.


Breezy Carver said...

aww wonderful captures Great and most thoughtful Blog Capt !!! :)

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

Oh thank you dear Breezy!!!! [beams]