Friday, March 13, 2009

New Babbage Stained Glass Baloon Tour

on the same day i explored the Kahruvel forest, i tested out the NEW stained glass balloon tour of New Babbage....i picked it up at Piermont has room for two...and is just splendid!
as it ascends there is a narration about the area...written by Mr. Skusting Dagger...

it was fun passing by my factory...the new smokestacks billowing black hellfire...i do think a nice contrast to my trees [grins wryly]....i do what i can to mitigate the pollution...

gliding down over the canals....seeing all the lovely buildings

and lush hidden gardens...some only visible from the air

at the end...over the Vernian Sea...somehow i landed in the water near the Lotus...
and found myself inside this gorgeous underwater house...guarded by a beautiful whale

as i was looking out at him...he was looking in at me!

what a fun adventure!

dear reader, for all the illustrations pray go here

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Breezy Carver said...

Red you are adorable !!! .. the photos are a delight dear and I am soo pleased you had fun with the ride grins .. YOU must go again and see the other sims grins (( it crashes but on occasion you can get thru the entire ride )) bless your heart for enjoying and trying and making it special thank YOU soo much Hugsss !!
ever breezy xoxox