Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gorgeous (But Unfortunate Pink) & Black Toile FREE Gown

A whole outfit in the box... Pink (grimaces) and Black Toile gown with ankle boots, hat, gloves and more!
Here's the Slurl to the Antiquity Township shop
Beautiful gown IF you can wear pink! (or worth it if only for the gloves and boots!) i hate to look a gift gown in the bodice but why oh why could it not be black and white toile with black lace, ribbons, & frogging?
oh! and look next to the gown!....FREE ruby bracelet and earrings!
do you not agree that if one were to replace ALL the pink [winces] with black it would be quite smart!? mayhap i shall contact the designer and see if i can persuade her to make those alterations....for a price, of course! so much for a freebie! LOL

Go now and get it!
wearing the new gown with evil white hair petting my dogs...first Sir Shaggy

then Professor Newfie

1 comment:

Carmen said...

Good heaven's, Red, yes, the gown would go over much better without the pink. (Though I may well snag it with the pink. Free is, after all, free).