Saturday, January 10, 2009

Capt. Red Sets Sail

as the winds of change blows around New Babbage and a new chapter of our fair sooty city is written i think it need to take a wee break and go back to my love....the sea...
a sea voyage to clear my head, warm my heart, and to calm my spirit (and cool my fiery redheaded piratical temper! [grins]) i'm not that good at keeping up grudges anyway
...happiness is a choice, and i choose it everyday.
though i'm good at a smack down if needed, conflict and feuding are not my favourite things to's toxic to bring in that kind of negativity in your life. i go back to taking the higher (if watery this week!) road. but i must say, i really hope the new Mayor supports positive people and does not let toxic influences back into the city...or at least not into a position of power where they can spew their vitriolic critical comments ad nauseum....sowing dissention.
gee, how do you ask the candidates *that!?* but yeah, i'm cautiously optimistic!!
so...have fun darlings whilst i'm away...i may, at certain ports, send a telegram...but i'm with 9 others of those i love...with a cabin that has a balcony...looking out over the ocean...sipping a glass of chard. or i'm getting one of the crew to give me a seaweed massage after a Pilate's class with my personal trainer. Ahhhh para sailing, zip lining, diving, rock climbing, the second season of Torchwood late night, and more sipping are on this week's agenda!

ps. FREE wifi at my hotel in Miami! leaving for the ship in an hour! YAY! loves ya! have fun, guys!

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Eleanor Anderton said...

Enjoy your sailing on the high seas! I'm sure your new bag looks very stylish with your cruising outfits.