Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Bunneh is Cooked: "She enjoys destroying is what she does."

"The single most hated individual in Caledon, she seems determined to win that accolade again in Babbage."
~Miss Emily Orr - Winterfell

It seems we are not the only ones who have enjoyed the pleasure of the vitriolic vebiage from a certain fluffy pink bunneh..Miss Emily Orr of Winterfell as she explain on her blog:

what better measure of what you were doing here than what you can leave behind


you're so easy to read, but the book is boring me

or as one of her readers said:

"She is one of the more vile, useless people I have met in 15 years online...or at least the persona she assumes online is. Considering the sheer degree of uselessness of so many people I have virtually met, that is saying a lot indeed.

I believe I said that to her face at one point during our hour long flame war over security orbs in CalChat some months back.

When she finally huffed out of Caledon (by her own choice, as Desmond still sadly cannot find the nerve to ban or discipline ANYONE), she told all who would listen that Babbage was Nirvana and Shaunathan a kind of God. Funny how I am not surprised by her reversal.

She enjoys destroying is what she does."


Pray dears, these are not MY words...these are words of others who have suffered before us.
just as a balance since it seemed we were unique in our summation of recent events..i am merely your humble reporter.

oh yeah and Arrrrrrr!

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